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Thank you. [Jun. 26th, 2009|03:11 am]
thanks to kara i just read a great article.

Happy Days - The Pursuit of What Matters in Trouble Times

"I don’t know why we take our worst moods so much more seriously than our best ones, crediting depression with more clarity than euphoria."

everyday i should write about what im thankful for.
because i'm never thankful enough ...
i'm always feeling sorry for myself...
i'm constantly wondering why...
this is not the way to be living my life.
the only person i can blame is myself.
i've always believed this but it's me who has to make it happen...
i am in control of my own happiness.
no matter what happens ... i need to continue to pick myself up.
in this world ... i may one day have no one but myself...
and i need to learn how to lift the weight of myself up with my own strength.
in any case ...
everyone on my friend's list should read that article.
bc i probably have the most problems ... but i know ya'll have problems too :)
i shall end this entry with things i'm thankful for today ...
  • my mom being more mentally stable :D
  • that my younger brother still has confidence in my mom ... he told my mom in korean "don't ever leave me okay mom?" it makes me sad but it makes me happy too
  • that my computer works :D i'm really really really thankful for my computer! thank you computer
  • my boyfriend who is very sweet and caring and lets me be mean sometimes
  • PINK!!~~~~ the color.
(gasp ... my first public entry)
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